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Kevin Foley

Kevin Foley's Chasing Gulls Triptych hanging above the couch at Alice Barker House.

Chasing Gulls Triptych by Kevin Foley – Lounge room (above couch)

With a studio in Mia Mia, Foley’s inspiration comes from the rural landscape that surrounds him.

The images I create are inspired by what I see around me every day on the farm and in the district. Sometimes humorous, always literal, the objects, animals and landscape continually offer up a feast of challenging opportunities. They allow me to interpret the common place that I encounter throughout my day.

His work is available locally at

Faulkner Gallery, Castlemaine
Heron’s Gallery, Castlemaine
Lauriston Press, Kyneton

Or you can contact him through is website at:

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